Water runs, evaporates, is poured, and channelled; air blows through the hair and makes objects move; light goes on, goes off, and changes colours. Here your children will be experimenting with you in a series of activities that will introduce them to methods of science and technology: observing, naming, comparing, and starting again.

Children never tire of asking questions. Curious, they want to know what things are called and to understand the phenomena they observe.

1. Water

Children have a close familiarity with water from their intra-uterine life. And so they tend to be attracted to this element, which they associate with wellbeing. Here your children will discover some properties of water through play: how it flows; how it makes mechanisms move; and how it changes states from solid to liquid to gaseous.

2. Air

Air is mysterious because it is impalpable. Children will learn a few things here about this discreet element through a series of experiments designed to arouse their curiosity: air blows through their hair, swells envelopes, and makes objects move.

3. Light

Light lets us see and this tends to overshadow many of its other characteristics, which children usually ignore. The games here invite them to play with light, to create shadows, to mix colours, and, for the visually disabled, to listen to a story about colours.

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