Located on the Cité’s upper level, near the exhibition foyers, this huge projection room reveals all the magic of the Northern lights and the Milky Way. The audience is catapulted into the Universe thanks to a system that projects immersive images, for a truly unique experience! 

Your choice of film following the programme or non-programmed, personalisable projection. 


  • 265 seats 
  • your choice of presentations
  • 600-m² hemispherical screen
  • Orientated sloping room 21 m in diameter
  • 360° projection
  • stage: 7.7 x 3.7 m
  • 8 video projectors


  • located in the heart of the exhibition foyers and near reception areas (Explora, the mezzanine, etc.)
  • available for private booking for Planetarium sessions or product launches, press conferences, musical events, personalised projections, etc.