Around 73 animals, naturalized in a dynamic position, the exhibition tells true stories about the birth and growth of baby animals. Shaped as an adventure playground, it features many tangible and sensory games, as well as multimedia activities. Children can build a bird nest, gather moms and their little ones by sensing their odour, move like the midwife toad, hide themselves, mix and match babies and adults...

Animated stories to watch or listen to ease the understanding of the concepts of the exhibition: biology and animal behavior. Through a 6-step path, children discover: the birth, vital functions, defence, development, learning and autonomy of baby animals.

From time to time, the children are invited to mingle and compare themselves to baby animals: is my food the same as the colt, the duckling or the snail? Will I transform myself like the caterpillar, the tadpole or the baby penguin? When can I swim by myself like an otter, run as fast as a fawn or fly like a swan?

This unusual gathering of animals is the fruit of an intense work of restoration and new creations, coupled with special attention to the scope of the smallest of the sometimes difficult concepts. The contents have also been tested and approved by hundreds of students.

This exhibition is designed and produced by the Museum of Natural Sciences of Belgium, in coproduction with the Museum of Natural History in Toulouse, France.
With the support of the A. & P. Sommer Foundation.