It is hard to imagine the cinema without special effects! They contribute to the greatest successes and all genres use them: action films, science fiction, romantic comedies... Our intuition often detects them, but what do we know about how they are made? Are we sure that we can always identify them?

By making reference to blockbusters, commercials and popular series, the exhibition "Special Effects, steal the scene!" reveals the different techniques of faking that make movies innovative, creative and magical.

Take a look behind the scenes of special effects by following all the stages involved in creating a film.
The office reveals all the resources needed for making a film. Starting with preproduction, the effects are drawn and price estimates are made.

The set gives details of the effects created directly during filming, whether old-fashioned effects or state-of-the-art innovative effects.

The studio shows how postproduction transforms the image into multiple layers of visual effects.
Lastly, the movie theatre shows how special effects change how those of us in the audience see things.

Before entering the set, use the accreditation system to able to record your own productions, to watch your trailer at the end of the exhibition and to find all your sequences at home.